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This Induction Hot Assembly equipment is adapt to core rod fitting into shaft with manual loading or robot arm loading , auto feeding, heating, fitting and integrated with automatic unloading and transmission system.


1. Automatic pressing mechanism ensure accurate fitting.

2. Shaft is induction heating, precise localize heat meet tight production tolerances.  

3. Multiple-segment settings for induction heating: There are 5 segment basically and can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Precise temperature control: In collaboration with the manufacturer,we have jointly developed infrared thermometers with a measurement accuracy of ±1% Measuring range; Closed-loop control system with PID controller, achieving precise temperature control during  induction heating process.

5. Accurate heating: Heating time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds.

6. Data Storage: Multiple process parameters storage with one-click for data retrieval


1. Simple Operation and lower requirement on operator

2. Automation Press system improve products consistency

3. Increase products pass rate with reliable heating and fitting

4. Meet production rate with fast heating

5. Customization is available for different type of shaft shrink fitting process.


Induction shrink-fitting

Induction brazing

Induction hardening

Induction forging

1.Air conditioning and refrigeration accessories

2.HVAC industry

3.Household appliances

4. Automotive


1. How to choose the induction heating machine?

Please tell us with the dimensions and heating area of workpiece, heating temperature and heating time, as well as any specific requirement of heating process, our experience sales will recommend the appropriate induction heating equipment.

2. Can we see the heating test before purchase induction heater?

Customs can send the workpiece to us for heating testing in our laboratory, and decide whether purchase HCGP induction machine after received the heating testing video and report.

3. How about the service of installation and commission?

The details manual and guide for installation and commission with picture and video will be sent to our customers. Most of our customers can complete installation and commission on their own follow our instructions. We still provide paid on-site installation service.

4. The operation manual provides work standards for regular maintenance and guidance for dealing common fault. we also help you manage your spare parts inventory.

5. How can customer get service when the machine get problem?

We provide 7x24h online technical support and repair service as well as on-site service.

6. Can you provide repair parts for a long time?

Yes, we will help our customer manage their spare parts inventory.

7. Can you help us design coil for our new produces?

We offer different coil service:

  • Coil design with pre-purchase heating testing
  • Coil design for different heating workpieces when purchasing induction equipment  
  • Coil design for customers when they developing new products
  • Guide customers to make coils on their own

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