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The automated induction brazing equipment suitable for brazing of air-conditioning and refrigeration fittings, such as: pipe joints, distributor tailpipes, solenoid valves and other fittings. It is also suitable for brazing brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum pipe fittings with straight pipes at the upper end to the pipeline.Induction Brazing Equipment can also be customized according to different shapes of pipes.


  • Induction brazing machine can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic according to customer’s need.
  • Working station of induction tube brazing machines are customized single station, two stations and multiple stations to meet different production rate requirement.  
  • Digital control let induction brazing machine easy to integrated with production line.
  • Particularly design ensure successful brazing process such as inert gas for operation shield, air cooling, flux addition, fixture design for accurate heating location, cleanliness, process control, etc.


  • Precise, targeted heating increase production output.
  • Reliable and accurate heating ensure consistent braze quality every time.
  • Induction heating is none contact heating without flame or hot furnace, provide safety working environment.
  • Compact induction heater save space in work shop.

Copper brazing

Aluminum pipe and joint brazing

Copper-stainless steel joint brazing

Aluminum brazing

1.Air conditioning and refrigeration accessories

2.HVAC industry

3.Household appliances

4. Automotive


1. How to choose the induction heating machine?

Please tell us with the dimensions and heating area of workpiece, heating temperature and heating time, as well as any specific requirement of heating process, our experience sales will recommend the appropriate induction heating equipment.

2. Can we see the heating test before purchase induction heater?

Customs can send the workpiece to us for heating testing in our laboratory, and decide whether purchase HCGP induction machine after received the heating testing video and report.

3. How about the service of installation and commission?

The details manual and guide for installation and commission with picture and video will be sent to our customers. Most of our customers can complete installation and commission on their own follow our instructions. We still provide paid on-site installation service.

4. The operation manual provides work standards for regular maintenance and guidance for dealing common fault. we also help you manage your spare parts inventory.

5. How can customer get service when the machine get problem?

We provide 7x24h online technical support and repair service as well as on-site service.

6. Can you provide repair parts for a long time?

Yes, we will help our customer manage their spare parts inventory.

7. Can you help us design coil for our new produces?

We offer different coil service:

  • Coil design with pre-purchase heating testing
  • Coil design for different heating workpieces when purchasing induction equipment  
  • Coil design for customers when they developing new products
  • Guide customers to make coils on their own

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