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The automatic motor stator hot-assembly equipment is a customized equipment used in motor manufacturing, mainly used for positioning and hot-assembly of the motor stator. This equipment can realize the rapid, accurate and stable hot-assembly of the motor stator, and improve the production efficiency and quality of the motor.

Functional features:

1. Automatic control: The equipment adopts an automatic control system, which can automatically adjust the thermal packing temperature and thermal packing time according to the size and requirements of the motor stator, so as to realize the fast, accurate and stable thermal packing of the stator.

2. High-precision positioning: The equipment uses high-precision positioning fixtures, which can accurately position the motor stator. Through the automatic adjustment of the positioning fixture, it can ensure that the position and angle of the stator are correct during the heat-fitting process, thereby ensuring the quality of the heat-fitting.

3. High efficiency and energy saving: The equipment adopts advanced induction heating technology, which has the advantages of high energy utilization rate, fast heating speed and high efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption and production costs.

4. Safe and reliable: The equipment adopts multiple safety protection measures, such as overheat protection, overload protection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and the safety of operators.

5. Flexible and diverse: the device can adapt to motor stators of different sizes and shapes, and has the characteristics of flexible and diverse. At the same time, the parameters and settings of the equipment can also be adjusted and optimized according to the specific hot charging requirements.

In a word, the automatic motor stator hot-assembly equipment is an indispensable equipment in the motor manufacturing process. It has the characteristics of automatic control, high-precision positioning, high efficiency and energy saving, safety, reliability, flexibility and variety, etc., and can realize the fast, accurate and stable of the motor stator. Hot-assembly, improve the production efficiency and quality of the motor.


1. Simple Operation and lower requirement on operator

2. Automation Press system improve products consistency

3. Increase products pass rate with reliable heating and fitting

4. Meet production rate with fast heating

5. Customization available for different type of motor housing and stator.



The automatic motor stator hot-assembly equipment is mainly used in the field of motor manufacturing and is an indispensable equipment in the motor manufacturing process. During the motor manufacturing process, the motor stator needs to be positioned and hot-packed to ensure the performance and quality of the motor. The automatic motor stator heat-packing equipment can improve the efficiency and precision of heat-packing, reduce manual operation and work intensity, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of motor production.

House Heating and Fitting

Shrink Fitting Rotor Process

Shrink Fitting Assembly

Induction Shrink Fitting

1. How to choose the portable induction heating machine?

 Please tell us with the dimensions and heating area of workpiece, heating temperature and heating time, as well as any specific requirement of heating       process, our experience sales will recommend the appropriate induction heating equipment.

2. Can we see the heating test before purchase induction heater?

 Customs can send the workpiece to us for heating testing in our laboratory, and decide whether purchase HCGP induction machine after received the         heating testing video and report.

3. How about the service of installation and commission?

The details manual and guide for installation and commission with picture and video will be sent to our customers. Most of our customers can complete installation and commission on their own follow our instructions. We still provide paid on-site installation service.

4. The operation manual provides work standards for regular maintenance and guidance for dealing common fault. we also help you manage your spare parts inventory.

5. How can customer get service when the machine get problem?

We provide 7x24h online technical support and repair service as well as on-site service.

6. Can you provide repair parts for a long time?

Yes, we will help our customer manage their spare parts inventory.

7. Can you help us design coil for our new produces?

We offer different induction coil service:

  • Induction Coil design with pre-purchase heating testing
  • Induction Coil design for different heating workpieces when purchasing induction equipment
  • Induction Coil design for customers when they developing new products
  • Guide customers to make induction coils on their own
Packaging Details:
1. Plywood case for export
2. Adhesive wrap to prevent scratches
3. Plastic film to keep the machine together
4. Foam plate and block to prevent shake
5. Other customer's requirements

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