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As an important cooling component in new energy vehicles, microchannels are mainly used to cool the battery packs of new energy vehicles.
The tube wall of the microchannel is relatively thin, and the thinnest is about 0.3mm. The traditional brazing method of water-cooled strip mainly relies on artificial flame welding to weld it.

Functional features:

1. Using Suzhou Hongchuang high-frequency intelligent brazing system can easily help enterprises solve the problem of flame welder recruitment. The operation is simple and ordinary workers can operate, and semi-automatic or fully automatic production methods can be realized;
2. Adopting Hongchuang intelligent brazing system, it will not generate high temperature and open flame, which is conductive to improving the production environment;
3. Use electric energy, clean and environmentally friendly to avoid the restrictions of national environmental protection policies;
4. The utilization rate of solder is high, and the use of electric energy can help enterprises save 30%-40% of necessary expenses.


1. It is suitable for welding of automotive air-conditioning and refrigeration accessories, such as: high-frequency brazing of evaporator outlet pipes, single-tube pressure plates, double-tube pressure plates, air-conditioning pipelines, sight glass, parallel flow microchannel flat pipe joints, aluminum distributors, etc.
2. Welding of joints of medium water cooling strips of the power battery pack cooling system of new energy vehicles, cold training and other accessories.

Brazing of Bike Fittings

Aluminum Induction Brazing

Aluminum Brazing

Induction Brazing

1.Air conditioning and refrigeration accessories

2.HVAC industry

3.Household appliances

4. Automotive


1. How to choose the induction heating machine?

Please tell us with the dimensions and heating area of workpiece, heating temperature and heating time, as well as any specific requirement of heating process, our experience sales will recommend the appropriate induction heating equipment.

2. Can we see the heating test before purchase induction heater?

Customs can send the workpiece to us for heating testing in our laboratory, and decide whether purchase HCGP induction machine after received the heating testing video and report.

3. How about the service of installation and commission?

The details manual and guide for installation and commission with picture and video will be sent to our customers. Most of our customers can complete installation and commission on their own follow our instructions. We still provide paid on-site installation service.

4. The operation manual provides work standards for regular maintenance and guidance for dealing common fault. we also help you manage your spare parts inventory.

5. How can customer get service when the machine get problem?

We provide 7x24h online technical support and repair service as well as on-site service.

6. Can you provide repair parts for a long time?

Yes, we will help our customer manage their spare parts inventory.

7. Can you help us design coil for our new produces?

We offer different coil service:

  • Coil design with pre-purchase heating testing
  • Coil design for different heating workpieces when purchasing induction equipment  
  • Coil design for customers when they developing new products
  • Guide customers to make coils on their own

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