Advantages of portable high-frequency welding machine in refrigeration and HVAC industry

As the application of high-frequency heating welding machines is more and more recognized by people, in order to bring more convenience to users and adapt to the needs of the market, hand-held high-frequency heating welding machines are becoming more and more compact and portable.

The hand-held high-frequency welding machine is movable, takes up little space, is light in weight, is safe and environmentally friendly, and does not require preheating. When needed, you only need to press the start button or step on the foot switch to turn on the automatic mode, or you can The timing method is enabled, and when the time is up, it will automatically stop working, which is a feature of hand-held small high-frequency welding to meet the user's convenience. No open flame, no high pressure, no gas burning, and the solder joints are firm.