High frequency brazing of aluminum

Induction aluminum brazing is an aluminum welding technology that uses high-frequency current to pass through the surface of the workpiece, causing it to generate heat and melt the joint. It is suitable for various types of aluminum products and aluminum alloys, including architectural aluminum profiles, doors and windows, bicycle racks, auto parts, etc.

Induction aluminum brazing  equipment usually includes a high-frequency power supply, a transformer with an induction coil and a cooling system. The high-frequency power supply can generate high-frequency current, which acts on the surface of the workpiece through the induction head to generate heat to melt the aluminum material, thereby achieving welding.

Compared with traditional aluminum welding methods, induction aluminum brazing has the advantages of fast heating speed, good welding quality, and simple operation. At the same time, it can also achieve welding between aluminum products of different thicknesses, different materials, and different colors. In addition, induction aluminum brazing does not produce smoke, exhaust gas and other pollution, and is environmentally friendly.