The company's new office building relocation ceremony



      Chairman Wu Ximin and all the staff attended the move-in ceremony to witness this historic moment together. Chairman Wu reviewed the development of Hongchuang in the past 20 years, expressed his gratitude to all the staff of Hongchuang for their efforts, and put forward new expectations for everyone. The chairman pointed out that entering a new stage, internally, we must constantly improve the company system, and strive to achieve standardized and refined management; externally, we must actively expand channels, develop business, and recruit talents.

      He emphasized that entering the new office building means opening a new chapter in the development history of Hongchuang. He hopes that all employees will be more sincere and united, and make persistent efforts to do better in various tasks with a new attitude and higher requirements. The relocation of the new office building is one of the important milestones for Hongchuang to enter a new stage of development; it is a new platform for all employees to sail through the waves; it is also an important symbol of Hongchuang's leaders leading all employees to forge ahead. All employees will open a new chapter in the development of Hongchuang with more firm belief, full passion and solid style!