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  • Hardness: 40-60HRC
  • Surface hardening & Through hardening
  • Power output of machine: 10kW-300kW
  • Frequency of machine: 1kHZ-60KHz

The Induction Hardening Machine is used for bars, pipes continuous hardening. Induction heating, parts moving and cooling is controlled by PLC control.  


  • Induction hardening can be directed to specific areas of the part with great accurate heating ensure the quality of hardening.
  • Fast heating increase the productivity.
  • Flexible design and control adaptable to a wide variety of hardening parts.
  • Customization is available for larger & small and various applications with induction hardening solution.
  • Easy automation and work with production line
  • High heating efficiency & energy saving

1. Pipes

2. Threaded rod

3. Square metal bar

4. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum bars

5. Shaft

Induction quenching

Shaft induction hardening

Induction hardening

Gear induction quenching

Model CGP-6.0kw CGP-12kw CGP-20kw   CGP-30kw   CGP-40kw  
Input Voltage(V) Single-pahse 220V 50-60Hz Single-pahse 220V 50-60Hz Three-phase 380V Three-phase 380V Three-phase 380V
Current(A) 0.25-25 0.4-50 0.6-30  1.0-45  1.2-50
Max. Power Output(KW) 5.2 11 20 30 40
Output Frequency(KHz) 1000-1200 1000-1700 50-250    50-200  50-200
Duty Cycle 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Cooling Water Temp. (Inlet) <35℃ <35℃ <35℃ <35℃ <35℃
Cooling Water Pressure   >1.1MPa >0.5MPa 0.2MPa,6l/Min 0.2MPa,6l/Min 0.2MPa,6l/Min

1. How to choose the portable induction heating machine?

 Please tell us with the dimensions and heating area of workpiece, heating temperature and heating time, as well as any specific requirement of heating       process, our experience sales will recommend the appropriate induction heating equipment.

2. Can we see the heating test before purchase induction heater?

 Customs can send the workpiece to us for heating testing in our laboratory, and decide whether purchase HCGP induction machine after received the         heating testing video and report.

3. How about the service of installation and commission?

The details manual and guide for installation and commission with picture and video will be sent to our customers. Most of our customers can complete installation and commission on their own follow our instructions. We still provide paid on-site installation service.

4. The operation manual provides work standards for regular maintenance and guidance for dealing common fault. we also help you manage your spare parts inventory.

5. How can customer get service when the machine get problem?

We provide 7x24h online technical support and repair service as well as on-site service.

6. Can you provide repair parts for a long time?

Yes, we will help our customer manage their spare parts inventory.

7. Can you help us design coil for our new produces?

We offer different induction coil service:

  • Induction Coil design with pre-purchase heating testing
  • Induction Coil design for different heating workpieces when purchasing induction equipment
  • Induction Coil design for customers when they developing new products
  • Guide customers to make induction coils on their own

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