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Working Principle:

1. High frequency induction heating equipment adopts electromagnetic induction principle, making the metal material generate induced curent in the circle of the alternating magnetic feld to melt metal material. It can also penetrate non-metallic materials, heating the metal parts or all of them quickly.      

2. In accordance with the above principles, the high frequency and medium frequency heating devices we developed are of various types. such as common type, temperature control type and intelligent type.

Functional Features: 

1. High heating efficiency:high heating temperature,fast speed,short heating time,the metal material is heated evenly.The surface of the heated material is less oxidized,the workpiece is less deformed,and it is non-contact heating.

2. Flexible adjustment:The output power is flexible,convenient and accurately-controlled.The temperature of the heated piece is easy to control,so the product quality is stable.

3. Sensor can be customized:Changing the shape of the induction heating coils can heat complex workpieces,and also achieve local heating.

4. High efficiency and energy saving:Due to the low loss of IGBT and inverter control technology,the efficiency of the whole machine can reach over 95%,and the effect of energy-saving and water-saving are significant.

5. Simple operation:The equipment is small in size,light in quality,good in working environment,no noise and dust,it can start working only by connecting with water and electricity,easy to operate and easy to maintain.

6. Reliable performance:All kinds of protection actions are sensitive,the main device life is long,the failure rate of the whole machine is low,the performance is reliable,the machine can work continuously.



1. Heat Treatment (surface hardening, quenching, annealing, tempering)

(1)Hardening parts of automobile, motorbike, mold, agricultural machinery.
(2)Quenching machinery parts, such as: all kinds of gear wheel, chain wheel.
(3)Hardening the industrial of machine tool, such as bed guide way of machine tool.
(4) Heat treatment pliers, spanner, screwdriver, drill, axes, spiker
(5)Annealing of various other metal work pieces, such as golf ball head, cue, brass lock, hardware copper fitting, kitchen knife handle, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum pail, aluminum radiator and various aluminum products.

2. Non-ferrous and ferrous metals melting:

(1)Precious metal melting, like gold, sliver, platinum,etc.
(2)Semiconductor material melting
(3)Specialized steel, iron, copper melting
(4)Metal alloy melting, like aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy,etc.

3. Welding
(1)welding diamond saw blade, carbide saw blade welding and diamond cutting tools, grinding tools, drilling welding.
(2)carbide cutting tools for machining welding. Such as turning, milling cutter welding.
(3)mining tools, welding, such as “one” bits, pillar gear drill bits, dovetail coal drill bits, drill rods riveting, all kinds of shearer, a variety of shearer, boring machine pick a variety of welding.
(4)The welding of various wood working tools, such as various woodworking planer, milling, and welding a variety of woodworking drill.

4. Forging
Hot forming all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, machinery parts, hardware tools, straight shank twist drill of hot forging, hot rolling, metal annealing. Such as: tensile steel; wire, nail wire heating; stainless steel annealed.

Q: Why should I trust your company and choose you?

A: We are a professional induction heating equipment, set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. We have 18 years of professional production and equipment research and development experience, is China”s most professional brazing machine, heating complete sets of automation equipment manufacturers.

Q: How do I set up your machine

A: We have paper installation instructions and videos, and we’ll teach them until you learn them.

Q: Do you have any equipment in stock?

A: Yes, we have some of our best-selling models in stock for immediate delivery upon payment

Q: Can you provide free samples of the machines?

A: Sorry, we can”t give you A free sample because of the high price of the machines. Our machines are sure to meet your requirements and give you satisfaction

Q: What is your quality control?

A: We have A professional team responsible for product testing and packaging before delivery, you can rest assured to buy.

Q: How many days will it arrive after I buy the machine?

A: Usually10-15days (except holidays), but 20-30 days for large machines

Q: What should I do if the machine breaks down?

A: Within the one year warranty of the machine, we will provide you with spare parts free of charge. For customers who buy the machines, if they have any problems with the machines, they can take pictures or record videos for us. We will guide the customer to carry out repairs.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: All of our products have a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, spare parts will be replaced free of charge. We provide lifelong technical support and other assistance.

Packaging Details:
1. Wooden case for export
2. Adhesive wrap to prevent scratches
3. Plastic film to keep the machine together
4. Foam plate and block to prevent shake
5. Other customer’s requirements

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