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OutputRated Output Power(KW)182025354560
Max Output Power(KW)303540506080
Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%100%100%
Output Power Adjustment Range5~100%5~100%5~100%5~100%5~100%5~100%
Frequency Range(KHz)20~6010~2020~6010~3510~2010~20
InputInput Voltage(V)3×3803×3803×3803×3803×3803×380
CoolingMin Flow of Cooling Water10L/Min10L/Min10L/Min15L/Min15L/Min15L/Min
The Max Temperature of Cooling Water InletMax.35℃Max.35℃Max.35℃Max.35℃Max.35℃Max.35℃
Min/max Cooling Water Pressure 






PH of Cooling Water Quality7.0~9.07.0~9.07.0~9.07.0~9.07.0~9.07.0~9.0
OtherEnvironment Temperature+5℃~+40℃+5℃~+40℃+5℃~+40℃+5℃~+40℃+5℃~+40℃+5℃~+40℃
Dimension(L*W*H)Main Size(mm)


Extension Size(mm)360*262*330410*285*380410*285*380470*304*390470*304*390470*304*390

Advantages Of High Frequency Brazing Machines:

1. Fast heating: the welding method can heat metals and other materials quickly.

2. High degree of automation: fully automatic unmanned operation can be achieved.

3. Uniform heating: high temperature control accuracy and high welding quality.

4. Complete equipment protection: The whole machine is equipped with protection for water temperature, water pressure, and lack of phase.

5. It can weld a variety of materials, especially metals.

6. It can weld complex parts.

7. It works at any temperature.

8. Small size and light weight.


1. Efficient, high-quality copper pipe welding, especially suitable for mass production.
2. The equipment is simple, lightweight and easy to operate.
3. Suitable for welding copper pipes of various shapes, such as straight pipes, bent pipes, U-shaped pipes, etc.
4. Especially suitable for welding copper alloys.
5. Widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, HVAC, plumbing and other fields.

Q: Why should I trust your company and choose you?

A: We are a professional induction heating equipment, set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. We have 18 years of professional production and equipment research and development experience, is China”s most professional brazing machine, heating complete sets of automation equipment manufacturers.

Q: How do I set up your machine

A: We have paper installation instructions and videos, and we’ll teach them until you learn them.

Q: Do you have any equipment in stock?

A: Yes, we have some of our best-selling models in stock for immediate delivery upon payment

Q: Can you provide free samples of the machines?

A: Sorry, we can”t give you A free sample because of the high price of the machines. Our machines are sure to meet your requirements and give you satisfaction

Q: What is your quality control?

A: We have A professional team responsible for product testing and packaging before delivery, you can rest assured to buy.

Q: How many days will it arrive after I buy the machine?

A: Usually10-15days (except holidays), but 20-30 days for large machines

Q: What should I do if the machine breaks down?

A: Within the one year warranty of the machine, we will provide you with spare parts free of charge. For customers who buy the machines, if they have any problems with the machines, they can take pictures or record videos for us. We will guide the customer to carry out repairs.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: All of our products have a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, spare parts will be replaced free of charge. We provide lifelong technical support and other assistance.

Packaging Details:
1. Wooden case for export
2. Adhesive wrap to prevent scratches
3. Plastic film to keep the machine together
4. Foam plate and block to prevent shake
5. Other customer’s requirements

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