Induction Forging & Forming

Induction heating for forging & forming is widely used for billets, bars, and bar end heating, the material of billets and bars can be steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum,etc.

The induction heating machine  is used for spring hot rolling & forming.The induction system is universally used to process spring wire that will subsequently be “cold coiled” into products such as automotive suspension springs, motorcycle suspension springs, garage door springs, and general mechanical springs.

The induction heating process occurs by inducing an electromagnetic field in a conductive material of the spring. Eddy currents are generated within the conductive material whose resistance leads to Joule heating. Induction heating can be used to heat steel to its melting point if need be which is more than sufficient to austenitize the product.

The induction heating process can provide a faster heating cycle time than heating by traditional atmospheric furnaces, and the induction heating process can simplify the material handling of the springs, and can potentially enable automation of the material handling of the spring in the hardening process. Although induction heating has several advantages over traditional atmospheric furnaces, induction heating of springs has problems with evenly heating the spring throughout spring length, overheating the ends of the spring, and the maintaining of induction heating coil efficiency.

Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine