Induction Brazing

Brazing and soldering processes is joining of similar or dissimilar materials using a filler material and an anti-oxidizing Flux.

Induction brazing localizes the accurate heating at brazing area, melting filler material without melting the base materials, induction heating is ideal to the integration of brazing production lines with controllable and reliable heating. 

HCGP fully automated or semi-automated induction brazing system increase  production rate, reduce the waste of filler metal, products rejects and operation cost because the heating and process are completely programmable.

The automatic brazing machine is custom built for your applications and enables one operator to turn out hundreds of joints per hour. Typically, parts are loaded into stainless steel fixtures which maintain proper alignment throughout the brazing or soldering cycle. The fixtured parts (assemblies) are then conveyed through a closely-timed sequence of paste alloy application, heating, and cooling. Assemblies made of steel, stainless, copper, brass, and aluminum can all be joined on automation equipment.

Multi-station Automatic Brazing Equipment