Induction Shrink Fitting

HCGP automated induction heating equipment uses for parts fit or remove mainly in the automotive industry and the production of electric motors.

The automated equipment is used for induction heating of shrink fitting motor housing,HCGP Induction Shrink Fitting System provide efficient and reliable heating with controllable process, speed up the production rate, at the same time, monitor and accurate control of heating temperature and holding temperature, precising location of heating area ensure tight production tolerance, reduce defect rate of products.And it has the following functional features:

1.  Adopting the temperature control system developed by HCGP and the noncontact infrared thermometer transmitter can monitor the temperature of the workpiece in real time and achieve precise temperature control.

2. The full digital software control makes the heating temperature more accurate, with the temperature difference to ±5℃.

3. Adopting multi-station layout, from loading - marking - heating – unloading.

4. The equipment integrated laser marking system.

5. The power of the equipment can be adjusted and matched according to the workpiece.

Automated Shrink-fitting Assembly Equipment